Best Boarding Schools in Katsina State Nigeria | No. 3’s Top Notch

Are you looking for one of the best boarding schools in katsina State to enroll your child to get the best education? Worry no more because there are so many nice and standard boarding schools your children can attend in katsina. So, just ensure you pick a school that has all the teaching and learning requirements.

Best Boarding Schools Katsina State Nigeia; 6 Options

A good school is partly responsible for influencing children and developing their personality and skills. Also, as a parent, you are to give your child the best when it comes to their academic life. This is because a school can function as a protective factor to motivate and educate a child.

6 Best Boarding Schools in Katsina State

Katsina state has so many good schools that have good structures, you can choose to enroll your child in. So, here is a list of the best schools in the state:

1. Katsina Government Girls Secondary School

This is a school that is being managed by the government and the school is only for girls. Also, this school encourages girl child education in Nigeria, especially in the northern part of Nigeria where early marriage is being imposed. They present the best knowledge both academically and morally to their students.

2. Government Science Secondary School Kurfi, Katsina

A good school in Katsina state where children in secondary schools can get the best and adequate knowledge. There are so many advantages of attending this great boarding school. And, it is now many meant for boys, with the availability of enough computer and ICT gadgets to facilitate learning.?

3. Federal Government College, Daura is among the Best Boarding Schools in Katsina State

FGC, daura is a federal day and boarding school for boys and girls in katsina state. However, if you are looking for a good discipline school for your child, consider this school. This is because as a student staying in the school hostel which is within the school premises, you must follow all rules and moral training of the school.

4. Dutsin Safe Katsina Government Girls Arabic Secondary School Dutsinma

For those looking for an Arabic school to enroll their wards, you can consider this school, but it is for girls only. In this school, your girl child will get the best both academically and morally. Also, if you are a Muslim your daughter will learn also be able to learn more about her religious practices by attending this school.

5. Government Unity Secondary School, Malumfashi

Government Unity Secondary School, Malumfashi is one of the best boarding schools in Katsina. This school offers a good and solid foundation for its students. Also, there are qualified teachers in this school. So, you can consider enrolling your child in this school.

6. One of the Best Boarding Schools in Katsina State is Federal Government Girls College, Bakori

Knowing fully well that a girl is supposed to be trained properly, you as a parent should not neglect that fact. In the world today, most girls are even getting academically stronger than boys. So, if you want your child to attend a school for girls only, FGGC Bakori is the right choice of school for her to attend.


Education helps in building confidence in a child. So, if you give a Child the proper education he or she deserves, you are training the child to become a better person in society. And, the type of school a child attends plays a role in building the child for a brighter future.

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