9 Best Boarding Schools in Ekiti State Nigeria | No. 1’s Top Notch

Ekiti state has one of the best boarding schools in the country, Nigeria. Well, this article is here to help you with a bunch of the top boarding schools you can enrol your kids into this 2022. Go through the article fully to know about these schools and a little about them.

Best Ekiti State Boarding Schools; Top 9

Top 9 Best Secondary Schools with Boarding Facilities in Ekiti State

Ekiti state is known for its good quality education all over the country. The state has produced most of the best students in Nigeria, so you should rest assured that your child will get the best quality education from any of the below schools in this write-up.

Also, this article should be able to relieve the stress of finding the best boarding schools in Ekiti state for your child. So, check out the top 9 boarding schools to enrol your kids in Ekiti state;

  1. Best Ekiti State Boarding Schools; Federal Government College (FGC) Ikole

Just like any other state, Ekiti also has its federal government college (of Ikole). However, the schools help to train your child with the right sense skills mentally, physically and emotionally. The school also provides the best quality education; thus, the school also has a boarding facility, for parents who wish to keep their kids at school.

  1. Best Ekiti State Boarding Schools; Federal Government Girls College (FGGC) Efon Alaaye

This school was founded in 1999 and is strictly a girls-only school. This allows some of our parents who may worry about their daughters mixing up with boys which could lead to a bad situation; however, this school helps in that issue, as it meets all the standard quality education. This school also provides hostel facilities to the students.

  1. Petoa City College

The school was founded in 2005, after the existing nursery & primary schools. The school later gets approval from the Ekiti state ministry of education. Also, Petoa city college runs an effective boarding school system.

  1. Holy Child Catholic Secondary School

As the name implies, it is a catholic based school. The school majors in the moral upbringing of its students through religious values and norms. Nevertheless, the school also has a good educational standard. In the school, you can enrol your kids in a boarding school if you want to keep them in the school environment.

  1. Christ’s School Ado Ekiti

Christ’s School was founded in 1933 by a British missionary, Archdeacon Henry Dallimore. The whole aim of the school is to make students become something useful for themselves and for their community.

This is why it gives students access to subjects like tailoring, plastering, brick-making, and so on. This school as well runs a boarding system for kids who want to stay in the school environment.

  1. Covenant Academy

Covenant academy was founded in 2005. The schools provide world-class and standard educational quality to their students. Also, the school is affordable to those who don’t have much to spend.

  1. Davic British Int’l School

From the name, it is a British-oriented school. The school is however very cheap than any other British school in Nigeria. The fees are not high, and it is convenient. The school also provides facilities like hostels, school buses, laboratories, etc.

  1. Bluecrest International High School

This is a private school, which also guarantees quality education to your kids. Bluecrest school also provides many school facilities like an ICT centre, laboratories, sports centre, school clinic, library, and hostel.

  1. Best Ekiti State Boarding Schools; Baptist High School

This is a Baptist school that helps to groom the students using Christianity beliefs to train them on moral behaviours. Also, the school provides quality education; and it runs a boarding school for its students.

Take Away on the Above Best Ekiti State Boarding Schools

In conclusion, you should note that of the above schools, some are private schools while some federal schools. However the case may be, all the schools are good choices because they offer one of the best education in Ekiti state. also, all the schools run a boarding system for kids who want to stay in a school environment.

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