6 Best Boarding Schools in Borno State Nigeria | No. 3 & 4 are My Favourites

There are so many fantastic boarding schools today in Borno state thanks to ex-governor Zulum in Borno state. This state owns so many ultra-modern schools you see today in the state.

Best Borno State Boarding Schools in Nigeria; Top 6

That is to say that they are working hard. Despite their setbacks, they also try to make their state a better place for  their children

Borno state today is the state today that has the highest amount of ultra-modern schools. Yeah, this is something that will surely inspire the minds of many youths today In so many parts of the state.

Best Boarding Schools in Borno State

Because this country is facing so many problems today although they are not relenting in the educational sector. This makes them so outstanding in the north.

Here in this article, we are going to find out the best schools in Borno state. This exceptional school is impacting students with the right knowledge they need to grow

Firstly, we begin with number one on the list

1. Elkanemi College Maiduguri

this school is an Islamic school that deals mainly with teaching and research facilities. check out their official site

2. Federal Government College, Maiduguri

This school a secondary school mainly impacts the knowledge, and the right morals needed for them to grow.

Open this link to visit their Facebook Page.

3. Federal Government Girls’ College, Monguno

This school was created on 5th May 1995. the site was donated by the Borno state government. The vision is to bring every girl in the right manner. This is the official website of the school

4. Success Private Secondary, School  Borno State: 

The school is located on Old Maiduguri Road in Borno State here you can check them out at this link

5. Government Senior Science Secondary School

This school is located in Biu, Borno they are also known for the awesome educational impact they have to give to students. this is the school’s Facebook page

6. Savior Model Secondary Schools

This is a very good school for every student. they have very good science labs and other things

check out their link to the official website

How to Check If a Boarding School Is Good in Borno State

They are some ways to check if a boarding school is good or not not

– Bullying

this brutal act has been completely banned in the schools listed above. With this as a parent, you can live your children in the hands and be sure of their safety

– The WACE of NECO result

Most time the WAEC or Neco result can be used to determine if schools teach well enough

– The Schools Discipline

Discipline is one important part because the schools that has being listed above have little or no case of discipline today


Although many boarding schools have now been known for their bullying. This can cause mental issues for children that are not strong. So as parents make very good investigation about the school before taking your child there.

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