5 of the Best Boarding Schools in Bauchi State Nigeria | No. 1’s Top-Notch

After every research, we have found five (5) of the best boarding schools in Bauchi state that you can attend, if you are a student, enrol your children in, or send other kids to are included in this article. Additionally, we will be providing you guys with all the best boarding schools in Bauchi, along with a little review of the school to help you decide to choose.

Best Bauchi State Boarding Schools; Top 5

Top 5 Best Boarding Schools in Bauchi State

There will be a lot of information on boarding schools in Bauchi that we will be giving you, our readers. Be at ease knowing that we have only included boarding schools that are reliable and accredited, so you can trust our lists. In the state of Bauchi, these are the top boarding schools.

1. Federal Government Girls College (FGGC Bauchi)

Government Girls College Bauchi is a well-known college in Bauchi that is known for being an all-girls institution. They often referred the school to as Unity School. However, as students finish their final exams and leave school to pursue new studies, the institution is known for turning out intelligent and well-behaved young ladies.

LOCATION – Adamu Ajiya Ran Road Bauchi

2. Well, “Government Girls Science and Technical College Potiskum” Happens to Be Among the Best Boarding Schools in Bauchi State

Government Girls Science & Technical College is a public boarding secondary school for Science and Technology and was founded in Bauchi to educate girls. Also, the institution is highly renowned for having four significant departments in addition to its two major ones: science, technology, computer science, and humanities/arts.

LOCATION – Off Tonde-Ngalda-Badejo Road, Bauchi State, Nigeria

3. Dolphin Maria College

Dolphin Maria college is a great school. It has security and offers a comfortable atmosphere for its pupils to reside, making it one of the greatest boarding schools in the state of Bauchi. The school is renowned for its Jamb centre, which offers over 250 computers in a well-lit, air-conditioned space. Also, they provide CBT training in schools.

LOCATION – Sunday Awoniyi Road, New G.R.A Off Fati Muazu Link, Bauchi State, Nigeria

4. Also, “Giwo Science Academy Bauchi” is one of Plateau State’s Best Boarding Schools.

Giwo science academy Bauchi is an amazing, mixed-gender, boarding secondary school for science. The Giwo Science Academy Bauchi was founded in 2012 and had been running since then. Also, the school is well equipped and has a lot of high-quality teachers.


5. Federal Government Girls’ College Bauchi

A prominent girls’ college is located right here. The school has good buildings, laboratories, and a wide range of tools. It is a very large institution. Also, if you want your daughters to grow up with manners, the school is one that you should send them to.

LOACTION – 0031 Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria

Take Away on the 5 Best Bauchi State Boarding Schools Above

Lastly, you can enrol kids in the hostels at any of the boarding schools in Bauchi listed for you by paying a deposit. No other website can provide you with a reliable article like this, so search about it. Also, by sharing this post, you can let other parents in Bauchi State who are looking for a trustworthy boarding school know about it.

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