7 Best Boarding Schools in Anambra State | No. 4 is Top-Notch

Anambra state today has the best boarding schools thanks to the ex-governor of the state, Mr Peter Obi. Firstly, he was able to strengthen the academic system in the state and make it innovative for the youth to give their best in their academic performance.

Boarding Schools; Top 7

This has made the state one of the best states in Nigeria in terms of academic progression. As you read today Anambra produces most of the best brains in the whole of Nigeria. As a state, it is something to boast about as a state having to produce smart people in the world

Many parents today now think of schools to take their children to. Yeah, today that most schools do not do what they should do as educational institutions. Now in this article, you will see the best schools in Anambra

Best Boarding Schools in Anambra State

Firstly, in Nigeria today they are few schools today that do what they are meant to do by teaching these children the right morals and educational instincts. Nevertheless, some schools in Anambra have now shown Nigeria that they still have good schools producing good students.

1. All Hallows Seminary School

Although this school was started in the year 1924 by Bishop Joseph Shanahan with Rev. Fr. William O’Donnel as the first rector. As it is the school is 92 years as we speak.

Although schools have produced so many smart people today we have doctors, Catholic priests, pastors and many

If you are a parent and you feel that this school is best for your child and you want your child to attend the school click on this link

2. Regina Pacis Model Secondary School;

The world-known citadel of learning in Onitsha is also known as an academic paradise. They are the biblical mustard seed that is developing out of the humble effort of the Christian welfare association of Onitsha arch diose.

Here is the School’s Official link

3 Bethlehem Central School District:

 This school is a very popular school in Anambra and is a private co-educational school with an improvement for future e-learning.

Yeah, most schools are now going into this new technology that was brought into use in the year 1999. It is now a part of the educational sector and it is making teaching far simpler than it used to be.

This is the school’s main official link

4 Federal Government Girls’ Secondary School

The federal government girls’ college is a girl’s secondary school that provides profound educational impacts on their students to prepare them for any exam and tertiary challenges in the nearest future

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5. Springfield Boarding School

Springfield Academy is a co-educational school for junior and senior secondary school graders in Onitsha. This is a very good educational institution for junior and senior students. They have good lab instruments and sporting facilities.

Check out their link

6. Akunne Oniah Memorial Secondary School:

Here, this school has a very good vision that inspires me with a deep-seated interest in excellence. In the end to achieve success, parental joy, staff accomplishment and societal wellbeing.

Check their official

7 Best Boarding Schools in Anambra State: Dennis Memorial Grammar School Anambra State

Here, they provide and maintain excellence in teaching and learning generally, with a special emphasis on mathematics education and verbal skill.

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Lastly,  schools in Anambra state have the best secondary in the country.  it is something that is good to boast about. Yeah, it will sound like a mode of inspiration for other schools to get themselves self-straight.

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