9 of the Best Boarding Schools in Abia State Nigeria | No. 3’s Top Notch

 If you are looking forward to schooling in Abia state, you can always find the best among all other boarding schools to attend. However, as a parent or child, always make sure you choose schools in the state or country you reside to get the best knowledge and grooming.

Best Boarding Schools Abia State Nigeria; 9 Options

Also. To get a quality education in Abia state, you have to sacrifice time and finances to achieve the best. There are surely a lot of schools in the state so just do your findings and pick a good one for your children. Ensure the school you choose is approved by the government.

9 Best Boarding Schools to Attend in Abia State

As a parent, you know that enrolling your child in a boarding school means the child will be living within the school premises. So, make sure you choose a well-disciplined school for your child to attend. some of the best boarding schools include:

1. Buckingham College

It is a well-structured private school, with beautiful state-of-the-arts facilities, located in a very secure and safe environment at 36 MCC Road Abayi Aba. Whereas, they provide quality international education to students in Abia State.

2. Scripture Union Model Academy

This is one of the best boarding schools to enroll your child to get the best knowledge and upbringing. And, it is located at 119 Umule Rd, Abayi, Aba, Abia state, Nigeria.

3. Federal Government College, Ohafia is Among the Best Boarding Schools in Abia State 

Again, for those who love schools controlled by the federal government, this is one good school. Also, it is one of the best boarding schools in Abia state. Most states in Nigeria have a branch of this boarding school, this one is located at Ohafia.

4. The Master’s Vessel Classical Academy

Looking for all round shaping of their children, in terms of academics and morality? However, the master’s vessel academy may very well be the place. It’s got a boarding facility, located in a very serene location.

5. Government College Umuahia

Government College Umuahia, or GCU, is an independent secondary school for boys located on Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene road in Umuahia, Nigeria. And, is also a boarding school for boys aged between 10 and 17 in Abia state.

6. One of The Best Boarding Schools in Abia State is St. Bridget’s College

Among the best boarding schools located in Umueze, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. Saint (St) Bridget College Schools is an accredited and approved school in Nigeria. And, a member of the National Association of the Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS).

7. Sacred Heart College

The school is situated on a vast area of land in Eziukwu Abia in Aba North L.G.A. Surely, the school provides a conducive environment to focus and teaching, and learning. Also, Sacred Heart College is a Boy’s Secondary School with Boarding Facilities.

8. Adventist Secondary Technical College, PMB 9002, Owerrinta

A school with qualified teachers, a conducive learning environment, and state-of-the-art boarding facilities. However, this school is highly recommended to any parent who’s looking out for the right boarding school for their children.

9. Federal Government Girls College School is one of the Best Boarding Schools in Abia State

Certainly, one of the best-only girls federal schools is located in Umuahia, Abia state. This school is one of the leading schools in Umuahia that was established in 1995. They train and educate girls to become great leaders of tomorrow.


Always make sure you make the right choice of school for your children to attend. Especially, when it is a boarding school where you can’t monitor their daily activities. So, choose one of the best boarding schools above if you reside in Abia state.

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