6 of the Best Apps to Earn Internet Data for Free on Your Mobile Phone | No. 5’s Top Notch

When looking for various apps to earn internet data for free on phone I think you should try out one of the ones I will be listed below. There is a lot of apps available now to earn internet data for free but below I will be listing the best six apps that you can use that will tends to be useful.

6 of the Best Apps to Earn Internet Data for Free on Your Mobile Phone | No. 5's Top Notch

Top 6 Best Apps to Earn Internet Data for Free on Your Phone

Without wasting much of your time these are the best 6 apps you can fine

1. Gigato Free Data App

This app is the best android app to get earn data for free all you have to do is download the app. To get free data, download the app after which register with your MTN line then create your account, confirm with the box that will appear, and with so doing you can have access to free data.

2. MyMTN Free Data App

This app allows you to monitor your phone account, make payment easy, and also helps control data, it also offers 500 MB once you download the app. To register download the app, register with an MTN number, wait for the login to finish after you insert the OTP code will be sent to your number, click on the pop-up and get 500MB.

3. Opera News Free Data App

From more than forty different categories this app serves you with news, trending online video, and daily content needs. Download the opera mini-app, Insert your Airtel or MTN sim, open the opera News app to access your free data.

4. Simo Free Data App

With this app, you can connect to the internet without the use of a sim card or Wi-Fi and it also offers a great data bonus. Download the app, turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi connection, launch the app, you can sign up with your email address, after that you can turn off your Wi-Fi to get access to free 10GB data.

5. Opera Mini Free data App

To browse the internet for free, this app gives daily free data, also a fast, light-weighted, and fully equipped app. You can also follow the procedures listed in number three to access your free data.

6. KickBit Free Data

This app offers 3G free data for android and so gained a lot of popularity. To get access to free data to download the app, sum up your details after which enter the OTP you will verify your number after that you will be credited with free data and to earn more free data you will have to refer others.

These so far one of the best app to earn internet data for free on your mobile device, so why don’t you try out any of them to enjoy the benefits.


To download any of the above apps users are to visit their respective mobile device application stores.


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