Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards 2021 ($100,000 CAD) | APPLY NOW

Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards 2021 is now open for nominations. Global excellence in food innovation and community impact is what the Arrell Global Food Innovation award recognizes. If you are amongst those enthusiasts who love food security and who put in the effort to ensure food safety, then you can hurry up and apply.

Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards 2021 ($100,000 CAD) | APPLY NOW

Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards 2021

Recognition is given to global leaders who are ensuring future food safety for the plant by the Arrell Food Institute. The institute hopes to give inspiration to new leaders in taking bold steps toward change. To overcome the challenges that our world will face in feeding nine billion people and beyond, scientific excellence and community engagement are necessary.

Award Categories

The 2021 Arrell Global Food Innovation will be giving out two awards in 2021:

  • One of the awards will be given for the recognition of a researcher, researchers, or groups of researchers who possess an advanced understanding of food production, processing, distribution, consumption, safety, and/or human nutrition who have impacted society significantly. The themes likely include food science, crop or livestock genetics, the environmental impact of agriculture, soil health, agro-ecology, pest management, food animal health and production, pest management, supply chain management, food processing, food packaging, food consumption, food safety, human nutrition, and food retail/marketing.
  • Another award will be given for the recognition of an individual, or groups of individuals who have made a contribution to improving nutritional health and/or food security with the main focus being the strengthening of disadvantaged communities. These themes likely include food production, food sovereignty, food insecurity, food access/distribution, community development and governance, urban poverty, household nutrition, non-traditional food systems, socioeconomic policy, Aboriginal food security, empowerment of under-served communities, food and nutrition literacy.


The prizes for the award are:

  • The two prizes to be given will be worth $125,000 CAD which comprises a $100,000 cash award for the recipient’s personal use and up to $25,000 per award to cover the recipient’s travel and accommodation administered by the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph.
  • There will also be a presentation of an award citation and a commemorative item.
  • It is expected that recipients will participate in a program of events. Award recipients, in particular, may be asked to be in attendance for the next Arrell Food Summit. Other engagements may also be organized subject to mutual availability.
  • A determination on the travel and accommodation component of the award will be made sometime during the 2021 calendar year due to the current global pandemic.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the criteria that makes one eligible to apply for the global food innovation award:

  • There is no restriction to age or gender, race, religion, creed, or residency, and as such the award is open to citizens of any country.
  • Private companies, academic institutions, governmental units, charitable foundations, and not-for-profit organizations are allowed to submit nominations.
  • If a single organization submits multiple nominations, then the one that has the latest date will be accepted.

Selection Criteria

The prizes for Arrell Food will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • An exceptionally significant and documented contribution would have been made by the individual or group nominated to either our scientific understanding related to food production, distribution and sales, or human nutrition/consumption; and/or the community level in markedly improving nutrition, which includes food access or distribution.
  • There must be a clear demonstration of how the individual or group being nominated played a critical leadership role in achieving the above-noted contributions in the nomination package.
  • There must be an attendance of the nominees in the award ceremony and ancillary events.


Nominees are expected to submit all documents before the stipulated deadline. The documents are to be submitted in PDF format to There shall be an acknowledgment of all nomination packages.

Application Deadline

The nomination opened on the 1st December 2020 and will end on 28th February 2021. To get nomination instructions, click this link 

Visit the official webpage via this link 



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