7 Amazing Android Apps Available Only for Use in Nigeria | No. 5’s the Best

Currently, there are millions of Android apps, and among those millions, there are apps created for only Nigerians, and below I would be giving you Android Apps Only for Nigeria. by now, you probably should have heard about some of these apps because they are very popular in the country.

7 Amazing Android Apps Available Only for Use in Nigeria | No. 5’s the Best

Some of these apps are news, bank apps, and other interesting apps. Currently, if you are expecting to find a game application on this list, you should forget about it because there are no popular games on Android devices only use by Nigerians.

A Couples of years back, Nigerian mostly used mobile apps created by people from countries other than Nigeria. but currently, lots of changes are being made, and people are now teaching software development, and because of that, apps are now being developed for Nigerians. Now, A lot of things have changed as Nigerian developers have started developing several apps tailored to meet consumers needs in different aspects.

Android Apps Only for Nigeria

Below I would be giving you Android Apps that are only for Nigerians. These apps have really done a lot when it comes to meeting the customer’s needs. They include:

1. Afrinolly

Afrinolly is an amazing app filled with African Movies, Short films, trailers, music videos, and full-length Bollywood movies on android phones. it also offers users access to African entertainment news.

2. Channels TV

This app was developed by the big Nigerian new TV station Channels television news. Wherever via their smartphones. The app also allows stories to be shared on the social media in addition to an iwitness functionality, that allows citizen journalism.

3. iRoko TV

this app happens to be one of the Nigerian Foremost SVOD networks. The app offers users the features of streaming Nigerian Movies (aka Nollywood movies), all streamed in HD. Users also get to browse a selection of movies, rate and watch movies directly on their mobile devices.

4. Konga

Nigeria’s AB Kinnevik-backed Konga happens to be one of the top Platforms in Nigerian’s eCommerce space. This app grants users access to products and services while they are on the move.

5. Punch Mobile

Punch newspaper happens to be one of the most widely read newspaper in the country. The android app has is notably helping them onboard a new generation of an audience that is more “freemium” inclined. With this app, lots of Nigerians are now getting interesting news on their smartphone.

6. Spinlet

This app was created for Nigerian to gain access to songs from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa etc. it enables users to discover the latest songs, share tracks, create playlists and get friends involved. Users also get to register for the free (limited) or the premium (unlimited) version of the App.


This is another Newspaper app that features articles from THISDAY’s website. Users can also share the newspapers the get from the app via Email, Bluetooth, Twitter, Facebook etc. to their friends.


There are lots of other amazing apps created by Nigerians for Nigerians. Even now, a lot of banks in Nigeria have their own bank apps. So there are lots of apps in Nigeria for Nigerians right now.


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