Andela and Facebook #BuildforSDG Challenge 2020 | APPLY NOW

Facebook, in partnership with Andela, has set up a program to improve the skills of developers all through the Sub-Saharan part of Africa, this program is called the #BuildforSDG Challenge. The challenge is a six weeks intensive program where some selected developers will work in active remote groups to innovate projects relating to the SDGs.

Andela and Facebook #BuildforSDG Challenge 2020 | APPLY NOW

Facebook developer Circle is a program that was created to bring together different communities of developers. The role of these communities is to educate and also provide a platform for discussion and sharing of knowledge on topics that are essential in the developer’s market. Andela invests in brilliant software engineers and developers around Africa to help companies beat the shortage of technical talent and to develop high performance distributed teams of developers and software engineers.

About the Andela and Facebook #BuildforSDG Challenge 2020

One of the major roles of Andela #BuildforSDG Challenge is to help empower those young developers to create the real world, locally and the applicable solutions needed on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) while in the process, they improve on their skills to help them proceed in their career.

With the aim of engaging about, seven thousand five hundred developers across Africa, the #BuildforSDG Challenge will give these young developers a real-life experience while they work on both high value and high impact Projects which will get them ready and improve their market skills.

Benefits of Andela #BuildforSDG Challenge

If you are thinking of a way to increase your demand by being more productive in your developing skills while you also work on important projects, here are some reason why you should take part in the Andela #BuildforSDG Challenge.

  • You will have the opportunity to work on very important projects, this will give you high value and high impact which an be added to your portfolio
  • You will have the chance to team up with fellow developers like you to come up with brilliant ideas.
  • You will also have access to employment opportunities and job placement through the Andela market place.

Lastly, you can also help change the world and make it better in a unique way with your developing skills.

How to Apply for Andela #BuildforSDG Challenge

Are you ready to move from being just a developer to some who solves real-life problems? Then you should apply for the Andela #BuildforSDG challenge.  All interested applicants should know that this challenge is not opened to developer younger than 18 years old, it is also very important you log on to the award website for more details on the requirements of the contest. The application process is quite simple and straight forward, to apply for the Andela #BuildforSDG challenge, click here. The entire application process is done online.


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