Allard Prize Photography Competition 2021 (CAD $1,000 prize) | APPLY NOW

Allard Prize Photography Competition 2021 is currently inviting applications from interested persons. The Allard Prize Committee and Maxe Fisher, Associate Professor, Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media, Emily Carr University of Art + Design adjudicate the bi-annual Allard Prize Photography Competition which puts into recognition photographic excellence that reflects the ideals of the Allard Prize.

About the Allard Prize Photography Competition 2021

Year-round, photographers are encouraged to submit entries. The entries to be submitted are required to reflect themes of courage and leadership in combating corruption especially by promoting transparency, accountability, the rule of law, and of human rights and/or anti-corruption generally. Entries that depict corruption and human rights violations in the developed world are also particularly encouraged.


The prizes for the photography competition are:

  • CAD $1,000 will be given to each winning photograph and the photographs will also be featured on the Allard Prize website and a brief description, the photographer’s name will also be given for six months.
  • The entries that emerged as winners will afterward be archived as a past winner on the website.

Eligibility Criteria

The competition expects applicants to meet certain eligibility requirements and they are:

  • Only individuals who have reached the age of majority in their country of residence at the time of entry submission can apply
  • Eligibility to apply is not granted to members of the Allard Prize Photography Competition Jury, the Allard Prize Committee, and the Allard Prize Advisory Board during their terms as jury, committee, or Advisory Board members and also for one year following the end of their terms.


It is required that entrants must upload their photograph and complete the online submission form in order to enter the competition. The online submission form include:

  • There should be a brief description of the photograph (up to 1200 characters) describing how the photograph submitted reflects the themes of Allard Prize of Courage and leadership in combating corruption, with a focus on promoting transparency, accountability, and the rule of law, or of human rights and/or anti-corruption generally.
  • The biography of the entrant should briefly be given.

Application Deadline

The current deadline for submitting entries for the Allard Prize Photography Competition is the 1st of May 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time. Apply via this link 

Visit the official webpage via this link for more information



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