Africa No Filter (ANF) Research Fellowship Program 2020 for Emerging Scholars | APPLY NOW

Applications by scholars and academics from all around Africa are invited into the program titled the “African no filter research fellowship program 2020 for emerging scholars.” Details about the program are given below.

Africa No Filter (ANF) Research Fellowship Program 2020 for Emerging Scholars | APPLY NOW

About the 2020 Africa No Filter Research Fellowship Program

The aim of the Africa No Filter (ANF) Research Fellowship Program program is to recruit scholars and professional researchers in Africa for the sole purpose of changing the negative narrative about Africa that is being projected by the mainstream media.

There are so many positive narratives about the African continent that largely remains untold. On the contrary, the mainstream media in its lack of awareness and insufficient research has contributed to negative and stereotypical projections about Africa regarding its youth, underdevelopment, education, immigration, amongst others. A large number of such stories, although once true, are now outdated.

Goal of the Fellowship Program

These outdated negative narratives are wrong and harmful. They result in tarnishing Africa’s projected image, while the currently positive narratives of Africa are left unexplored. In a bid to change the narrative of the African story, scholars and participants in this program are required to source information based on evidence to accompany their various researches.

There will be funding as much as $7,000 for each scholar in this program for their research. In addition to the funding, scholars will be provided several other benefits as is listed in the following section.

In the end, the goal of Africa No Filter (abbreviated as ANF) is to leave an empowered narrative change environment within and outside Africa and an informed community of storytellers who work more deliberately to change the harmful narratives concerning Africa.

Africa No Filter is a donor collaborative that is funded by Ford Foundation, Hilton Foundation, Bloomberg, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Luminate, Comic Relief, and the Open Society Foundations. Africa No Filter supports the development of untold stories that corrects existing, stereotypical narratives about the African continent by advocacy, employing research methods, and making grants.

Benefits of the Program

In addition to the funding of up to $7,000 available for each scholar in the program, Africa No Filter also provides the following mentorship programme:

  • Comprehensive feedback on your draft report from leading academics. Leading academics also provide assistance on the preparation of a journal article following the publication of the report.
  • An introductory workshop, which will include comprehensive guidance from leading academics based on your proposal, which also includes advice on methodology and literature reviews.
  • The sharing of resources for literature review, where it is relevant.
  • Supportive monthly meetings with other members of ANF in a bid to share and review your work collectively with a member of the Advisory Committee.
  • A workshop on writing set up by leading academics.
  • Growing your academic and media profile with the support of Africa No Filter.

The additional support provided by Africa No Filter aims to adequately empower each participant in their respective fields of research.

Eligibility Requirements

Scholars and academics from all over Africa interested in the research fellowship program are encouraged to apply, but priority will be given to African scholars from African countries or from Africans in a foreign continent who are undertaking a Ph.D., or those who have been in junior academic roles for less than 3 years.


  • Applicants for the African No Filter Research Fellowship Program 2020 for emerging scholars should be based at a recognized academic institution.
  • Preference will be given to scholars who have an experience similar to that of a research program or with content analysis skills.

Preferred Scholars are those skilled in journalism studies, photography, literature, visual arts, media, communication, filmmaking, development communication, and music.

How to Apply

Application for the African no filter research fellowship program 2020 for emerging should not be difficult to complete if you follow the easy process outlined below.

  • Read the proposal tips and fill in the proposal form provided by ANF.
  • Next, provide a cover letter relaying your interest in the project and also your key strengths.
  • Provide also a two to three-page Curriculum Vitae along with two contactable academic references. You are required to outline your academic qualifications and relevant research experience. Also, highlight any relevant or applicable professional background you have.
  • Provide a list of your publications and other outputs.
  • Submit along with the required documents, proof of employment, or registration at a recognized academic institution.
  • Finally, submit proof of African nationality. Accepted submissions include a certified copy of a birth certificate, a passport, or an identity document.

Application Deadline

Kindly note that applications must be turned in on or before Friday 13 November 2020.

Follow this link for more details about the


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