Achievers University Owo School Fees Schedule & Payment Options for 2020/2021 Academic Session | CHECK NOW

This is to inform newly admitted students, stale students, and the general public about Achievers University Owo School Fees Schedule & Payment Options for 2020/2021 Academic Session.

Achievers University Owo School Fees Schedule & Payment Options for 2020/2021 Academic Session | CHECK NOW

The amount payable as school fees by both returning and fresh students of the institution has been announced by the management for the 2020/2021 academic session. The options for payment were also announced.

Achievers University 2020/2021 School Fees Schedule

The table below shows the amount payable as school fees by newly admitted students:

College of Social and Management Sciences

Programme100 Level200 Level
Accounting, Business Administration₦400,000₦420,000
International Relations₦400,000₦420,000
Political Science, Mass Communication₦400,000₦420,000
Geography and Planning Science₦400,000₦420,000
Public Administration, Sociology₦400,000₦420,000
Criminology and Security Studies₦400,000₦420,000

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Programme100 Level200 Level
Medical Laboratory Science₦700,000₦700,000
Nursing Science₦800,000₦800,000
Computer Science₦400,000₦420,000
Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry₦400,000₦400,000

College of Engineering and Technology

Programme100 Level
Computer Engineering, Mechatronics, Engineering, Biomedical Engineering₦600,000

College of Law

Programme100 Level
LL.B Law₦800,000

Achievers University School Fees for Returning Students

The table below gives the school fees amount payable by returning students of the institution:

Programme200 Level300 Level400 Level
Accounting, Business Administration Economics, International Relations, Political Sciences, Mass Communication, Geography and Planning Science, Public Administration Sociology, Criminology and Security Studies.₦420,000₦500,000₦500,000
Banking and Finance₦400,000₦400,000₦400,000

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Programme200 Level300 Level400 Level500 Level
Medical Laboratory Science₦700,000₦600,000₦600,000₦600,000
Nursing Science₦800,000₦600,000₦600,000₦600,000
Computer Science₦420,000₦500,000₦500,000
Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry₦400,000₦400,000₦400,000

College of Engineering and Technology (COET)

Programme200 Level300 Level400 Level
Computer Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering₦600,000₦600,000₦600,000

College of Education

Programme200 Level300 Level400 Level
LLB. Law₦800,000₦750,000₦750,000

Achievers University School Fees Important Not

  • Acceptance Fee – N25,000 to be paid by fresh students only
  • Development Levy N25,000 to be paid by fresh students only
  • National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) – N10,000 per session
  • Registration Fee – N10,000 per session
  • Clinical Fees per session, Nursing and MLS students: 300 – 500 Level – N150,000; 100 – 200 Level – N25,000.
  • Late Payment Penalty – N25,000 per semester
  • For full payment of all fees during registration, there will be a 5% discount on tuition fee only.
  • Approval was made by the council to give free tuition to the first twenty (20) students for the first three years in the underlisted programmes:
  • Accounting
  • Sociology
  • Business Administration
  • Banking and Finance
  • Economics
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Political Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Public Administration
  • Geology
  • There are two payment installments option – 50% in the first semester and 50% in the second semester. Each payment is required to be made within the period of registration.
  • Any students who have not registered by the end of the registration period shall lose his/her studentship for the semester. The computer will classify such student as being under suspension of studies. The student is therefore expected to make an application for the continuation of his/her study not later than twelve months. If the student fails to do so, it will be taken that he voluntarily has withdrawn.
  • Accommodation fee at the permanent site:
  • 6-bed space (New Hostel – N120,000
  • 6-bed space (Old Hostel) – N80,000
  • Accommodation fee at the temporary site
  • 4-bed space – N70,000

Accommodation is on first come first serve basis and beds will be allotted to students who are fully registered.

Bank Account of Achievers University

  • Tuition (Regular), Late Payment Penalty – Ecobank – 5282011354
  • Acceptance and registration – Ecobank – 5282039897
  • Accommodation – Ecobank – 5282039907
  • Clinical fee, NHIS – Zenith – 1011901391
  • Development Levy – Ecobank -5282039914

Achievers University School Fees Payment Options.

Three payment options have been approved by the management of the university for the payment of school fees once the new academic session begins. The options can be found in the ‘Students Payment Option Form’. Each student is expected to adopt one payment option and adhere strictly to the choice he has made for the new academic session. These are the three options:

  • Full payment at resumption: This option carries a 5% discount only on tuition fees.
  • 50% of tuition fees: Payment is required to be made at the start of each semester. No discount or penalties are attracted to this option. Only sundry fees are to be made before resumption.
  • The last one is the payment of fees three times within the academic session. This option, however, attracts 5% additional amount on the tuition fees. The payments for this option should be split into this order:
  • At resumption in 1st Semester (35% of tuition fees)
  • Before 1st Semester Examinations (35% of tuition fees)
  • Before 2nd semester Mid Semester tests (30% balance of tuition fees)


  • Payment of all sundry fees are to be made before resumption of the first semester regardless of the payment option.
  • If the student does not pay according to the option he has chosen, he will not be allowed on campus no matter the circumstances.
  • The sundry fees are:
  • Acceptance fee (New students only)
  • Development levy (New students only)
  • Accommodation fees (All students)
  • NHIS fees (All students)
  • Registration fees (All students)
  • Clinical fees (Medical Laboratory and Nursing Students only)
  • Indexing/Clinical posting (Medical Laboratory & Nursing Students only)
  • Laboratory coat fees (All Science and Engineering students only)
  • SWEP fee (Engineering students only)
  • Achievers University Students’ Association (AUSA) fees (All students).
  • Students who are under scholarships and are not paying school fees are expected to show evidence of the full payment of sundry fees paid before resumption.
  • The penalty for late registration has been increased to N50,000 for each semester. It is however expected of no students to make late payments. Students are all expected to make payments in line with any of the 3 options listed above.
  • The payments of the 3 weeks registration period no longer stands as it is hereby abolished therefore students are to make payments according to any of the options listed above.


  • Students are required to get the Fees Payment Option from the Bursary of the website of the university or any of the Students’ WhatsApp platforms.
  • Fill the form and submit according to the Bursar with evidence of payment to collect a clearance card and University identity card for the new academic session.

It is important that all students adhere strictly to the above directive.


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