Everything You Need to Know About the Living Faith Church Worldwide A.K.A “Winners Chapel International” Shiloh 2021 Programme

Everything You need to know about the Living Faith Church A.K.A “Winners Chapel International” Shiloh 2021 Programme is in this article. So, make sure to the end for details about the Shiloh Programme event schedule, date, programme and Ministers.

About Living Faith Church (Winners) Shiloh 2021 Event

Shiloh Programme is a mountain of divine encounters and the annual spiritual gathering of members of the Living Faith Church. It takes place at the church headquarters, Faith Tabernacle, Canaan land, Nigeria. Here her members from all branches in the world gather to sing praises and listen to God’s word. In turn, receive blessings upon their lives.

What is the Living Faith Shiloh Programme All About?

According to The Spiritual Father of The Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo:

While Waiting on The Lord Back in 1998 and Inquiring About God’s Master Plan for Canaan land, Among Other Things, God Said; He Would Have Us Gather Annually at Shiloh and That as We Do, He Will Subdue the Land Before Us by Granting Speedy Delivery of Our Enviable Inheritance in Christ. as It Is in the Holy Bible;

“and the Whole Congregation of The Children of Israel Assembled Together at Shiloh, and Set up The Tabernacle of The Congregation There. and The Land Was Subdued Before Them. and There Remained Among the Children of Israel Seven Tribes, Which Had Not yet Received Their Inheritance. and Joshua Said Unto the Children of Israel, how Long Are Ye Slack to Go to Possess the Land, Which the Lord God of Your Fathers Hath Given You?” Joshua 18:1-3


Is There a Theme for Shiloh 2021 Programme?

As the year draws closer to an end, her members may be wondering if there is going to be Shiloh 2021.  If there is, what is the Holy Father (Bishop David Oyedepo) going to title it? To your greatest surprise this year Shiloh program theme is ”MORE THAN CONQUEROR“.

Open this link to get details about The Theme of Shiloh 2021 and all the past programmes is on this link

Must I Go to Canaan Land Before I Participate in Shiloh 2021 Programme?

It is very important and beneficial to go to Canaan land to participate in the 2021 Shiloh program. But if due to Your work, children and other hindrances occur for you to travel to the Faith Tabernacle, Canaan land Lagos, it is advisable to visit the nearest viewing center (any winner church) close to you to participate.

Open this link for details about What the Living Faith Church Worldwide A.K.A “Winners Chapel International” Shiloh 2021 Programme is and is Not.

What is the Order of Events for the Shiloh 2021 Programme?

The Shiloh 2021 Order of events or schedule of activities at the 2021 programme is given in this link. Also, open this link to know all about the date of the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) programme schedule.

Living Faith Church Shiloh 2021 Programme Ministers

The Living Faith Church Worldwide A.K.A “Winners Chapel International” Ministers preaching at the Shiloh 2021 Programme is given on this link. A lot of Ministers are going to preach at the 6-Days Programme.

Where & How to Watch the Shiloh 2021?

Meanwhile, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. If you can’t make it to the venue which is Canaan Land at Ota, there are lots of viewing centres in the world. Open this link to know Where and How to Watch the Living Faith Church A.K.A “Winners Chapel” Shiloh 2021 Programme.

Can a Non-Living Faith (Winner Chapel) Member or Worshipper Participate?

No doubt, it will interest you to know that Shiloh 2021 is a programme to worship and praise the name of God. People get to ask for God’s blessings in their lives and as such, every man or woman from any tribe or religion is free to participate. It is not for only her members. See you in Shiloh 2021.

Lastly, You can get the Official Winners Chapel Shiloh 2021 Theme, Date, Ministers and other details you seek by clicking on this link.

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