7 of the Best Boarding Schools in Ebonyi State Nigeria | No. 6’s The Best

While searching for boarding schools to attend in Ebonyi state, ensure you choose the best. This is because the type of school a child attends plays one of the major roles in their upbringing. So, ensure your make the right choice of school to attend.

Best Boarding Schools Ebonyi State Nigeria; 7 Options

Ebonyi is a state in the eastern part of Nigeria and there are a lot of good schools in the state. Finding a good school can be tasking, especially when it must be a boarding house. However, a child attending a boarding school won’t go home after school hours but live within the school premises till the holidays.

7 Best Boarding Schools to Attend in Ebonyi State

Are you looking for a good boarding school in Ebonyi? Worry no more. However, below are some of the best boarding schools your child can attend in Ebonyi state. They include:

1. Comprehensive School of Management &Technology (CSMT)

This is surely one of the best boarding schools your child can attend. And, it is a Christian boarding school where your child will get all the moral and religious upbringing. Also, the school is well equipped with modern facilities for learning and is situated in a conducive environment.

2. Annouciation Secondary School Abakaliki (ASSA)

A school that provides one of the best educational services in Ebonyi state. Also, it is a catholic missionary day and boarding school. The school helps in producing good leaders of tomorrow. They achieve this by not only teaching them academically but also in other spiritual conducts.

3. Federal Government Girls College is Among the Best Boarding School in Ebonyi State

FGGC is the only girl’s federal school that has other branches in many other states in Nigeria. The school is a school that helps and supports girl child education. Also, the teachers in the school are qualified, hardworking, and dedicated to their services. So, consider this boarding school for your daughter to attend.

4. Hope High British International School

It is located at Abakaliki in Ebonyi state. Hope High British International School is a boarding school that provides the highest possible standard of education to our students, Also, the school works towards a high-quality integrated Nigerian British curriculum that reaches across disciplines at all levels.

5. Command Secondary School

If you are searching for a school where your child can be well disciplined, consider this school. This is because Command is a military school under the Nigerian Army Education corps. And, the school aims at nurturing children in intellectual excellence with sound morals.

6. One of the Best Boarding Schools in Ebonyi State is Federal Government College 

This is also among the best boarding school your child can attend in Ebonyi state. The school offers the best educational service in producing able leaders of tomorrow. Also, they have all the necessary facilities and equipment for learning. And, they also engage in extracurricular activities.

7. Holy Ghost Foundation Schools

Holy Ghost Foundation School is one of the oldest boarding schools in Ebonyi state. The school has good educational standards and also provides a conducive learning environment for skills and knowledge acquisition. Also, teachers in the school are experienced and qualified.


Education provides stability in life and once you acquire this no one can take it away from you. However, you need to attend a good school to get the best education. And if you wish to attend a boarding school in Ebonyi state, just make sure you choose amongst the best schools.

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