5 of the Best Boarding Schools in Gombe State Nigeria | No. 3’s Top Notch

Gombe state is in the northern part of Nigeria, which has some good boarding schools your child can attend, just pick the best among others. Importantly, since it is a boarding school, if you wish to enroll your child, make sure you make proper research about the school. This is to ensure your child’s safety.

Best Boarding Schools Gombe State Nigeria; 5 Options

It is a known fact that boarding school students are more disciplined than day schools. Although, there are some schools that are open to both day and boarding students. Parents should make sure any boarding school they will enroll their children, it must be a very standard school.

5 Best Boarding Schools to Attend in Gombe State

Giving your children a good education service is one of the best things you can do for them. So, if you are searching for the best boarding school in Gombe state, you are surely in the right place. The boarding schools include:

1. Matrix International Academy

Matrix International Academy Gombe is a school well entrenched in the UK national curriculum for England alongside the Nigerian curriculum. Also, the staff of the school are all qualified, dedicated, and experienced academic and administrative staff who love children and seek to bring out the individual.

2. Yahaya Ahmed Model Schools

The school has standard laboratories, a conducive learning environment, and adequate security for students. And, it is one of the best boarding schools in Gombe state. Also, with its national based curriculum, students get the best quality academic exercise. So, consider this school for your child.

3. Federal Government College, Billiri is Among the Best Boarding Schools in Gombe State

This is a school that is managed by the federal government of Nigeria. The college has a proven track record of success in both academic and co-curricular activities. Also, a school that provides high-quality standards of education in a supportive and friendly learning environment with adequate facilities.

4. Pen Resource Academy

This is the first private university in Gombe state that also has a day and boarding school. The school was established to become a platform for developing and launching the next generation of creative, confident, and knowledge-driven builders of human society”

5. Federal Government Girls College

This federal government secondary school is located in Bajoga, Gombe state. However, the school offers one of the best girl child education in Nigeria. It is an all-girls boarding secondary school. The school has highly qualified, dedicated, and cultured teachers who aid in the academic development of the students.

How to Know if a School is one of the Best Boarding Schools in Gombe State

While searching for a good boarding school, ensure you check all the necessary things which include:

Conducive learning environment: The environment in which a school must be very conducive to learning. So before enrolling your child in a school, make sure you take note of that.

Maximum security: Especially if it is a boarding school, make sure you check out if the school is security conscious. There should be a tight security check of people entering and leaving the school premises.

Qualified teachers: Also, all the teachers in the school must be qualified and dedicated to their services, to enable a child to get the best knowledge.

Adequate facilities and equipment: A good school should have all the adequate modern facilities and required equipment for teaching and learning.

Discipline: To help give your child the best knowledge both academically and morally, a school must be able to discipline its students.


It is very important that your child attends one of the best schools. This is because the school a child attends also plays a major role in their upbringing. So, it is advisable to always look out for the best when it comes to anything that has to do with education.

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