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A few years ago it was legal to download movies from websites that provide them to be downloaded for free because then the ban has not been put in place. A few years later movie industry complaint to authorities and most of these free download websites were banned. You will get to know about the 1377x Free Download Website here.

1377x Free Movies, TV Series, Music, Apps, & Games Download Website

This was what ended the reign of free movies and series downloads. But they are still websites to download movies from today one example is the 1377x website for free download.

About the 1377x Website

The 1377x Download Free website is a very popular site going way back to the first time people started to download movies online. It is a torrent website that lets users download the latest movies and series for free to watch or stream.

1377x also provides users with softwares, applications, games, music, TV and so much more. In fact, this website can be categorised as your stop shop for all things free download.

All content you download from this website are free and verified and they are uploaded by the website’s group of uploader is on a regular basis. The website has a very clean interface that shows you all the functions and features. 1377x became popular after the downfall of the kickass torrent in 2015 due to restrictions and ban.

Since then this website has been widely used all over the world and is still being used to date. The website has many proxy lists that you can choose from a case it is blocked in the country you are in.

– Features of the 1377x Website

Unlike most website that offers only movie download, this website offers a variety of other things to download apart from movies. There are a lot of features on this website that makes your download easy and smooth. Some of them are listed below.

  • Provides free lastest movies.
  • Application and softwares are also available to download.
  • You can also download games on your phone and computer.
  • Gives you access to trending movies games, applications and other software.
  • Provide torrent and magnetic links for download.
  • Gives you high-quality movies.
  • Everything can be downloaded for free.
  • Gives you access to popular movies.
  • Has different proxy and so on.

Is the 1377x Free Download Website illegal?

I’ll tell you one thing, it is definitely not legal this is because there is a consistent ban on websites that provide paid content for free. After the downfall of the Kick-Ass torrent in 2015 as a result of getting banned by authorities for providing paid content for free. This website arose to take his place and has taken drastic measures to stay alive till now.

This website avoids a ban by creating other proxy websites to keep changing the URLs in case one gets banned the other continues. As a result of providing piracy content, the website is therefore illegal. Although content on this website is verified it does not make it any more legal.

On the other hand, the website is safe to use and free of bugs and malware.

How to Download Movies or Apps from the 1377x Free Website

This website is one of the few websites that does not offer only movies to download it offers a lot more than that. Therefore the below procedure will show you how to download anything you want to download from this website.

  • Head over to the https://www.1377x.is/.
  • Now tap on any of the categories of things you want to download. E.g Movies, apps etc.
  • Select a particular file and tap on it
  • On the next page either tap on the Magnetic download or torrent download and you are done

Note: Because this website is a torrent website you will require a torrent downloader to download from this website. After stepping on any of the download buttons the torrent file is downloaded to your browser which can be opened by your torrent downloader.

Once the fire is downloaded to your torrent downloader and opened then your download will start.

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