11 of the Best Boarding Schools in Benue State Nigeria | No. 2’s Top-Notch

Benue state has one of the best boarding schools where parents can enrol their kids into. If you want to enrol your kids into a boarding school at Benue state, then this write-up is going to cover the best schools there.

Best Boarding Schools in Benue State; Top 11

Top 11 Best Boarding Schools in Benue state

Schools in Benue state have produced some of the best students all over Nigeria. These schools provide the students with one of the best quality education a student can get.

However, in this article, you will be able to get a list of the top 10 best boarding schools for your kids with little information about the schools. Here are some of the best boarding schools in Benue state;

  1. Nativity School

The school was founded in 1977, and since then it has produced responsible personality within the school society.  Nativity has a very unique and easy-going educational system. It is not also expensive for parents to enrol their kids. Therefore, if you are looking for a good boarding school for your child, this is the best option for you.

  1. Among All the Boarding Schools on this Article “Makurdi International School” is the Best Private-Owned

Makurdi International was founded in 2007, the school aims at providing every child with the opportunity for quality education. The schools have qualified teachers who have the power to instil knowledge and moral discipline in students. So, get your child into this school, for it is one of the best boarding schools in Benue state.

  1. Special Science Senior Secondary School

This school is only for children who fall under senior secondary school, which are classes between SS1-SS3. It is a government school and was founded by David Ker, in 1995. Special Science Senior Secondary School is a boarding school, which aims at enhancing the science educational sector in Benue state.

  1. New Cambridge

New Cambridge is a college at Makurdi that aims at providing its students with the opportunity to dream big in the future. The schools also inculcate the new age academy. Also, the schools offer boarding schools to students.

  1. Mount Saint Gabriels (MSG)” is One of the Best Private Owned Boarding Schools in Benue State

This is an only boy’s school which was founded in 1964. The school was built for kids in Benue state to get a quality education without going too far. The schools also provide a hostel facility for their students. Also, the school is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi.

  1. CDM Academy International

This is a boarding school in Benue state which provided high-quality education to its students. The school grooms its students to be confident, and responsible, and become successful learners in the future.

Also, the school boasts of its academic success through the external examinations, that from the past 3 years over 93% of its students pass the external examinations.

  1. Nadi Schools

This is a private school that was founded in 2013. The school provides world-class quality education to its students. The programs in the school are built on International Primary Curriculum (IPC). It also has well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and also hostels.

  1. Unique Secondary School Makurdi

The schools comprise nursery/primary & secondary schools and were founded in 1995 and 1998 respectively. The secondary schools provide students with hostel facilities. The school also offers one of the best educational qualities in Benue state.

  1. Benue State Happens to Have one the Best “Command Secondary School” Boarding Schools in Nigeria

This is a boarding school for children who have any interest In the Armed Forces. Command Secondary School also provides students with quality education apart from other activities concerning special forces training.

  1. St Joseph’s Secondary School Nyiman

St Joseph’s Secondary School centres its teaching on gospel values and also recognizes how to promote a peaceful and just society. the teachers and other staffs in the school are all qualified and dedicated to assisting students to become successful. Also, the school offers a hostel facility for both boys and girls.

  1. Vertora Royal Schools 

This is also one of the best schools in Benue state. It provides students with the best quality education. Also, the school offers a hostel facility for students who want to live at the school.

Take Away on the Above Best Benue State Boarding Schools

In conclusion, hopefully, you can choose the best boarding school from the above article, to enrol your kids in. if you want to enrol your kids as boarder, you may go and check out the school for yourself to see how conducive the living environment will be for your child.

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